Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Resurrection Round Up

It's Easter, so you would expect Catholic Bloggers to be discussing Christ and the importance of the resurrection to the Catholic faith.

But folks are having to work a bit harder this year since a theme popping up in the mainstream culture this season is a vision of Christ without all that messy divine mumbo-jumbo.

First, take a look at what Craig Bernthal is writing over at Huron County Extract. In this post he discusses the importance of the resurrection and his response to "liberal" christians who assert that Christ's teachings are what is important, that his divinity is not.

Next, Check out Father Robert Barron's response  to Andrew Sullivan's recent article "Christianity In Crisis" in which Sullivan suggests that we forget about religion and focus directly on Christ's teachings.

Finally, Peter Sean Bradley over at Lex Communis in his Radio Free Aquinas podcast, discusses the recent writings of Bart Ehrman. Ehrman asserts that although Jesus existed as a historical figure, that the Bible was wrong about the resurrection.